Electronic Music Trends in 2021

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In the digital oriented businesses era,

Music today frequently harmonized with other types of entertainment, whether through social media, television, video gaming or online videos.

Covid-19 turned livestreaming, once an idea that was widely balked at and discarded as a cheap thrill, into the fastest-growing ecosystem in music.

Animated shows on video games such as Fortnite and Roblox have been head-turners too.

The collapse of live music revenues this year added a new note of urgency to an anti-corporate sentiment that’s been building for years in the industry: Streaming services and their major-label partners may be able to make big money even in a pandemic, but where does that leave the smaller acts that are essential to a healthy artistic ecosystem?

Occured numbers in global music market in 2020 according to the IFPI ;

IFPI:International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

Source by https://gmr2021.ifpi.org/report

Lets also look at the global recorded music revenues from 2001 to 2020 ;

Source by https://gmr2021.ifpi.org/report

As seen in the bar graph above music industry revenues from physical dramatically down from year to year and adoption of digital and streaming rising.

Record companies have continued to invest in artists, as well as in their own infrastructure and networks around the world, to drive the development of the industry.


The top music industry trends to keep an eye on in 2021 include also:

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As a result the world changing and also new technologies emerging everday in the every industry.

The music industry on the edge of the change for total digital and only perform live in the physical.

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